dinsdag 3 augustus 2010


Hey all! Today is my second day in Florence and It's still gorgeous! I couldn't get out of my bed because I was so tired, but I woke up and we had our breakfast downstairs. After that we went to the bus and to took it. It was unbelieveable! The city is so beautiful! The concept of the bus is that it has lines and there are stops overall so you can get out and get in whenever you want! But our first round we just sat and watched! There was so much to see! During the second round it started raining. So we left the bus and watched in the designerstores! O my God, all that stuff is so expensive! And I don't know if I really like it! But it was too cool to see it! After that we went in the bus again and went eating - the thirth pizza in Florence, haha! I bought a cute hat and a beautiful scarf! Then my mother wanted to go to a church, what was okay! And really, wat a stupid church was it. I really didn't like the energy, it was soo heavy! And there weren't beatiful things. Some of the graves weren't assesible and others were (to walk over). It was so hypocriet over there. But allright, I was happy when I came out! And I appreciate the people who liked it.

Now my mother is sleeping and I'm very tired to. About a half our we're going to shower and dinner - pizza again? I don't think so. It's time for spaghetti!


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