zondag 22 augustus 2010


Tomorrow school starts again and I don't know I like it or not. I saw my books and they are very boring, most of them are the same as last year so I didn't like that. I like to get new books, but allright. I put a flower-paper around them and I really get in a happy mood when I look at them. That's a good thing, I guess. Last week I had to perform with my band at Metropool in Hengelo OV. It wasn't the best performance I ever had, but it was still okay. After that I slept at one of the bandmembers room. It was kind of fun. I realise my vacation is over and I think I didn't enjoy it as much I could and I feel bad about that. I think it's cool school starts again tomorrow so I don't have to think all the time about a lot of things. I'm really into reading a good book, do you know a good one? Tell me, please!

I'm going to listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (still addicted) and clean my room... AGAIN!

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